Minister's Alliance
This group is made up of ordained elders and ministers of the church. Their function is to support and assist the Pastor in carrying out the clergy duties of the church.

Ministry Teams
Groups of elders, missionaries, and decons assigned to see about the membership. These individuals often represent our Pastor when visiting the sick and shut-in, bereaved, and those in need of counsel. 

eMember Care
Similar to member care but these are member who have joined Mt. Carmel Church and do not reside in close enough proximity to the church to attend in person.

Member Assimilation
The process of bringing new members into the Mt. Carmel Church. To ensure they feel part of the chuurch and begin to experience the church's functions as thier own. They feel the ties that bind them in the common identity of our church.

Provide technical support to the church and aid in providing an atmosphere of worship.  Those responsibilities include but are not limited too:  Controlling a seamless sound level that supports people understanding the Word of God and Music in high clarity, controlling lighting packages, displaying video graphics in support of the Word and Music, creating engaging announcements and capturing the messages in both audio and video format.  Those recording are available for a small donation after every service.


DIRECTOR: Eld. Anthony Simpson