Minister's Alliance
This group is made up of ordained elders and ministers of the church. Their function is to support and assist the Pastor in carrying out the clergy duties of the church.

Deacon's Board
These are appointed men by the pastor, who are truly saved, full of the Holy Ghost, and concerned about the business and temporal affairs of the church. They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the church.

Intercessory Prayer
A special team who weekly for one hour with all persons who want to come and intercede in prayer for the church and others.

Men's Coalition
Helps to unite the men of the church. They are very active during Men's Day, and work on special projects around the church.

Men of Distinction
Senior men of the church appointed by the pastor. They serve as Christian role models for the young boys and men of the church, and share with them their skills and craftsmanship through workshops and training sessions.

Men's Follow-up
Inspires, encourages, and keeps men connected to the ministry and what their purpose is in ministry, to ultimately help them become soul winners for God.