Sunday School
The Sunday School is one of the main teaching arteries of the church. It provides a learning environment with a smaller classroom structure which enhances more individual participation and increased learning opportunities.

The Young People Willing Workers is another teaching and training ministry of the church. The discussions are guided by a specific topic and comments are welcomed from the floor.

Bible Institute
This is a teaching arena of the church that incorporates series of classes on specific topics. These Wednesday night services are breaking the normal bible study and provide innovative ways to learn the word.

Training for Service
This is a twenty - two week course which gives a general systematic survey of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. This course is recommended after Membership training.

Membership Training
This class is designed for new members who join the church. Basic church information and doctrinal teaching is presented. This helps to make the new member's entry into their new environment easier. Certificates are given upon completion.

Children's Church
Provides services for children, grades 1-5, every Sunday during 11:00 a.m. worship hour.


Membership Training :: Anthony Simpson 
General Superintendent :: 
Sunday School Adult Superintendent :: 
 Sunday School Primary Superintendent (Mt. Carmelites):: Minnie Brooks