Adult Choir
This is the main sanctuary choir, made up of singers and musicians, age 13 and up. This choir ministers every Sunday morning, and all special services at Mt Carmel. This choir also accompanies the pastor when visiting other churches. Music ministry plays a vital part in the services and requires that each member be committed and faithful to this ministry.

Youth Choir
The youth choir is for all youth, ages 13-19, with the college age youth being cultivated for ministry.  The Youth Choir ministry sing more appropriate songs for their age group and support the Youth Department

Children's Choir
Music Ministry for children ages 3-12. The children sing and are cultivated for ministry as well as work closely with the sunshine band.

Praise & Worship Team
Leads the congregation in spirit-filled praise and worship, and helps to prepare their hearts to receive from the Lord.

Divine Destiny Dancers

A God-led dance ministry, expressing praise and worship through dance.

Audio and Video Media Ministry
Provide technical support to the church and aid in providing an atmosphere of worship.  Those responsibilities include but are not limited too:  Controlling a seamless sound level that supports people understanding the Word of God and Music in high clarity, controlling lighting packages, displaying video graphics in support of the Word and Music, creating engaging announcements and capturing the messages in both audio and video format.  Those recording are available for a small donation after every service.

Drama Department
Provides the church and community with drama performances. Operates as an unconventional tool for soul-winning.

Arts & Media Director :: Pastor E. Jason Sims