Nurses Unit
A trained staff, led by a licensed nurse, available to provide assistance in case of an emergency. They are trained in CPR and First Aid. They should be able to serve in meetings, on trips, worship services, funeral services, or whenever there is a need for their services.

Usher Board
Is like a silent evangelist. They meet the people at the door with a smile and reassure them they are in the Lord's house. They seat the people properly, and provide necessary literature and direction for the assembly of God.

Hospitality Committee
This committee shows kindness in entertaining strangers, visitors, and special guest. These workers should be lovers of people, given to hospitality, enjoy making others happy through giving of gifts, preparing dinners, etc.

Church Beautiful
Helps to provide for and maintain the beauty of the church. They are responsible for the selection of any purchases needed for the sanctuary.

Artistic Fingers
Serves in training people to use their hands in sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. While sharing sewing skills, many talents can be discovered.

Wedding Coordinator
Organizes and oversees polices and procedures for weddings and receptions. Also supervises the decorations, music selections, and wedding party attire.

A group of spirit-led individuals that support the leadership of the church

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