Missionary Circle
This is a group of women who have accepted the call on their lives from God to work in His vineyard as a missionary. These women have a burden for souls and prepare themselves spiritually in the Word to minister to God's people whenever the opportunity arises. There are unlicensed aspiring missionaries, and licensed evangelist missionaries.

Mothers' Board
This is an appointed group of saintly, sober, and seasoned mothers of the church who provide teaching, encouragement, and direction to the women of the church. They are ardent supporters of and work very closely with the Pastor.

Elders & Ministers' Wives Circle
These women unite and meet monthly, and provide a support system for each other as they fulfill their role in the ministry. There is also a time of equipping and training to facilitate effective ministry.

Deacon's Wives Circle
Support for the wives of the deacons of the church. This helps them in their role of leadership at the church. They help with various projects of the church.

Women of Excellence
The women's ministry of the Mt. Carmel Church.  We have a special service birthed by the First Lady Mary K. Sims the 1st Thursday of each month, to uplift, edify, and feed the women of the Mt. Carmel Church.


Department of Women Director :: Mother Mary K. Sims